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BIM Process Management and Business Consulting


Blend Building Information Modeling with Technology

The standards of the construction industry are changing with BIM. Competent teams are needed to keep up with this change. We bring together advanced technology with our team specializing in BIM. We develop unique projects for your business and projects. It's not just development-oriented; We aim to standardize products.

What we do is providing a standard?

  • We identify problems with our experience in the construction sector and the products we develop. We determine the cost items in the construction site and development process.
  • We fully assimilate the BIM process and philosophy. In this way, we develop at the steps that will directly contribute to your development process.
  • We see operating losses as our top priority. We know that the cost of a construction project, which is 1 unit at the planning stage, can be solved by spending 1000 units after the construction.
  • We combine architectural consulting with technology consulting. An operational architectural team in your company; we are constantly acting as an active IT team.

A single perspective is never enough in the construction industry. Architectural expertise and technology expertise are essential to carry out work on BIM. CorpLine Dynamic; these two conditions. Continuous active development is provided in your company and the unique BIM process is operated. Your projects are completed much faster. All teams work in a coordinated manner. Problems are determined and solved before they come to construction. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are avoided.

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