Integrate virtual reality technologies into your workflow. Lower your development costs with highly efficient systems.
Access anywhere in the world. Take the land in one move.

Advanced VR Technology

Make your business more productive in line with Industry 4.0. Create a virtual structure in the real world with virtual reality technology.

Use Anywhere in the World

The CorpSide System is delivered with a bag and can be carried anywhere in the world. So you can use your system whenever, wherever you need it.

Suitable for BIM Work

Features to improve your BIM processes are gathered in a single system. Thus, all teams in the BIM process can coordinate efficiently from a single system.

Create reality yourself, get ahead of your competitors...

    CorpLine CorpSide systems make planning in your business a reality in a virtual environment. You can experience the construction projects during the project phase. You can perform collision analysis of all electromechanical, structural, architectural and other disciplines. You can create simulations with various missions. You can detect problems before the construction site and reduce your construction costs. You can organize presentations, fairs and events around the world. You can manage advanced sales process.

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Within your BIM processes you can perform all conflict analysis, performance checks, maintenance and repair process evaluation.

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You can check the right concept, the right materials and the right coatings. You can develop advanced projects and move your work around the world.

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Open your products to the global market in machinery and manufacturing industry. You can show your products to your main distributors on the spot and exhibit them in full detail.

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You can experience medical science with advanced virtual environments. With the simulations developed in virtual environment, you can organize operations within a certain scenario.

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Provides an efficient architecture for analyses as well as core tasks.
The ideal choice for large-scale operating environments by providing security, high performance, compatibility and scalability.

Unlimited possibilities with virtualized environments
Advanced reality with interactive elements
High graphics processing capacity
Multi-field configuration and evaluation
Integrated work with external programs
Single point manageable system infrastructure
Determining the most appropriate device and system
Special editing with advanced technologies

Access high-quality fully integrated systems from a single center.


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