Integrate virtual reality technologies into your workflow. Lower your development costs with highly efficient systems.
Access anywhere in the world. Take the land in one move.

High Efficiency

Add virtualized images into real life. Experience computers in every moment of life, not on the table.

Android Based Infrastructure

Android infrastructure thanks to smart glasses, tablets, mobile phones, such as can work with many devices.

Full Integration With Programs

integrated with your local management programs. It can be linked to any software.

Innovative solutions for field management...

    CorpLine Corpsight systems mainly involve combining virtualized images into real images via smart glasses. This allows you to see invisible cables behind a wall and show maintenance at the start of the machine. Manage field operations anywhere in the world and discover the advantages of smart helmets with just a few taps.

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Building Site

Create punch lists for construction site and field operations. Perform instant targeting. Coordinate teams and profit from the entire construction site budget.

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Perform timely maintenance in the right place. Identify and record the repair point. Insure team intervention.

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Experience all stages of production. Make production processes visible to buyers and sellers.

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Don't allocate huge budgets for training camps. Deliver equal quality product training anywhere in the world. Make it always accessible.

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CORPSIGHT - Advanced Augmented Reality

Provides an efficient architecture for analyses as well as core tasks.
The ideal choice for large-scale operating environments by providing security, high performance, compatibility and scalability.

Combining virtuality with real life
Ability to work with image processing technologies
Infrastructure for big data and analysis
Multi-device use and multi-user support
Integrated work with external programs
Single point manageable system infrastructure
Determining the most appropriate device and system
Special editing with advanced technologies

Access high-quality fully integrated systems from a single center.


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